Crashboys International & Danny Garcia | Puerto Rican Day Parade


A hot September day in Philadelphia, PA during the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. The crowd of thousands wait for the man of the hour, Danny Garcia.

Born, March of 1988, the 2-Time world champion pulls up in his Lamborghini Urus and the crowd goes crazy. He hops out kissing babies & shaking hands like heʼs the president of North Philly. As he walks up he sees the custom bike we made for him and he loses it in excitement.

Danny is cut from the Crashboys cloth and the epitome of the message we preach of “Fall Down , Get Up”. Early in his career he had to deal with the adversity of being overlooked as boxer in Philly. He kept it close to home by keeping his father in his corner , as his trainer to work hard to be the best.

So the question is how did this happen? Good character builds bridges, creates opportunity and it doesnʼt hurt having Philly roots.

Danny wanted this moment to happen on this particular day while he was being celebrated on a day thatʼs huge to Puerto Rican culture.

By the end of the night Danny was on stage yelling, CRASHBOYS!