Crashboys International & Mikey Likes It 2nd Annual Ride Out


The meet up was in LES Skatepark where Mikey Cole, owner of Mikey Likes It was
raised. The weather was perfect that day so the bike life community came from
everywhere to ride this day.

Oneway Tito and a few of his friends were in town from Paris, France this weekend
and it was great to finally meet in person. Heʼs been a big supporter of the
movement for years.

We created a limited tee shirt for the day, which is a collectors item now. For the
first time we also decided to collaborate on a special ice cream flavor called
“Crashboys Crunch” , which was vanilla base with a strawberry swirl and a
shortcake crumble topping!

Most importantly though we brought out the youth to have a constructive ride out
to show the world what being a Crashboy is all about.