Crashboys International & Spike Lee | 30th Anniversary


Getting the opportunity to be a part of Spike Leeʼs Block party was a moment in itself. Spike Lee was celebrating the 30th anniversary of his classic film “Do The Right Thing” and we had the opportunity to create the art piece for the function, a custom bike. The day happened fast and the energy was heavy! From the moment we parked and started to walk down the block all eyes were on the bike while everybody was trying to take a picture with it.

We didn't even get to our credentials for VIP because they brought us to the stage as soon as Spike Lee saw the bike! He was filled with excitement as he spoke to the crowd jokingly saying we rode the bike all the way from Philly. While on stage witnessing 30,000 people coming out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of do the right thing, we were happy to add to such a day and be a part of the festivities with a cultural icon. The cherry on top was to later find out that our bike got added to Spike Leeʼs 40 acres and a mule studio HQ making this moment Crashboys history.