1st Annual Crashboy Games Bike Life Olympics

The first of its kind, CB Games spotlighted the meteoric rise of the “Wheelie Movement” and gave top athletes from around the country the opportunity to compete for 20,000 in cash prizes, sponsorship and bragging rights.


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Crashboys International & Spike Lee | 30th Anniversary

Spike Lee was celebrating the 30th anniversary of his classic film “Do The Right Thing” and we had the opportunity to create a custom bike for the function.
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We got the opportunity to design Tango Hotelʼs Booth at the 2018 Complex Con. While there we meet the new voice of LA, G Perico.
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Crashboys International & Mikey Likes It 2nd Annual Ride Out

On Sunday, August 21st, 2022 we collaborated with Mikey Likes It for the 2nd AnnualNYC ride out.


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